Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hops Update - June 12 Growth

Another week, another update on progress. Everything is still growing well, except for the second chance cascade. It's still alive, but doesn't seem to be growing. Oh well, 5 out of 6 plants are growing well so no complaints.

The 2 biggest cascade plants (below left) have reached the top of the 8 foot trellis and are still going. The tip of one of the bines in the biggest cascade broke off and that main is no longer growing. I did however wire tie the bine to the twine and it is going crazy with new lateral shoots going everywhere (below center). The second chance cascade (below left) is still alive, not much more news on it though.

The OK Goldings (below left) is now over 6 feet tall and still going. Centennial 1 (below center) is starting to catch up, with 3 climbing bines and it is now around 3 feet tall. The other (below right) centennial is now around 6 feet tall and is beginning more lateral growth.

The other exciting news is that on the 2 largest cascade plants, the bines are starting to flower, and although I don't know much about hops yet, I think this is the beginning signs of cones! The picture on the right is an up close of one of the cascade bines, with the prickly flowers.

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