Sunday, May 11, 2008

Growing Hops

Well, I decided to take on a new challenge this year, and that was to grow my own hops! I ordered my rhizomes from and about 10 days later, received the package in the mail.

Above on the left is an East Kent Golding rhizome and on the right is Cascade. Soon after receiving the rhizomes, I planted each in a separate temporary pot (because I hadn't yet figured out where I would put them!) In total, I planted 1 EKG, 2 Centennial and 3 Cascade into pots. By mid April, all of the plants were showing bines!

Above left, the EKG. Above right one of the Cascades. Below, all 6 hop plants starting strong.

Next post, I'll line out the plant bed I put together and the VERY simple trellis structure. Here's 'hoping' all goes well and all 6 plants last the Oklahoma summer!

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